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About Chait Studios

Award winning Architecture and Leadership
Licensed in New York and Pennsylvania: Chait Studios has been honored with design awards from AIA Rochester and the Illuminating Engineering Society. Stu Chait has been responsible for awards from the American Institute of Architects, the New York State Council of Mayors, and the City of Rochester; and has received the prestigious AIA Rochester Medal of Distinction and the AIA New York State Matthew W. DelGaudio Service Award.

Our Philosophy
To serve all our clients with thoughtful and innovative total architectural services.

Our Client Considerations
Chait Studios strives to walk with our clients throughout the maze of construction, interior design, landscaping, building codes, zoning laws, contractors, budgeting, scheduling, appropriate finishes, and furnishings, and in general, the milieu of building architecture. Since all architecture starts with a need; a need for more space, better accommodations, changes in plans, we become the partner that  interprets needs through plans to built conception.

Why Chait Studios?
Chait Studios strives to provide intriguing solutions to our clients needs in a friendly manner. Chait Studios gives all projects the same careful consideration approaching each problem individually. Our clients come to us with their unique conditions whether they are social, economic, technical or aesthetic. We endeavor to use intelligent planning and good architecture to project positive human activity within the spaces we create for others.

Our Approach to Construction Management
strives for compatibility of the design and construction. We oversee coordination of construction documents with performance, scheduling, and cost control of the entire project from conception to finished building.

We prefer a team approach: working with consultants and contractors. They are chosen specifically for the expertise they bring to specific project needs.

Many of Our Projects Have Been Unconventional
We have a strong background in creating positive spaces for handicapped clients and  working with stringent energy and conservation issues.

Organizational memberships
• The American Institute of Architects
• AIA Rochester 
• National Council Architectural Registration Boards Certified